Elsewhere: Speaking of Jansenism

Jorgen Sonne’s 1866 Nuns walking in a cloister garden in Rome. He has, whether intentionally or not, given them the habit of Port-Royal-des-Champs. (Source)

I refer my readers to two articles that have recently appeared in the Notre Dame Church Life Journal. The first, which came out about a month ago, is an excellent piece by Dr. Shaun Blanchard showing that our polemical use of the term “Jansenism” is seriously mistaken. The second is an article I wrote, a church-historical study in which I both defend the Jansenists from various degrading misconceptions as well as point out some parallels between their situation and our own. I’m also very pleased that the Catholic Herald picked it up for Wednesday’s “Morning Catholic Must-Reads.”

This is not the first time I have tackled the issue, having previously pointed out the rhetorical and ecclesiastical-political resemblances between Pope Francis’s critics and the French Jansenists. I am more sure than ever of that similarity, and may yet elaborate it again should I deem it helpful for the present conversation. Regardless, I certainly will write more about Jansenist history and theology – watch this space.

I should add that I am particularly grateful to Dr. Blanchard for his kind aid in the preparation of my piece, and Dr. Artur Rosman for his editorial patience.


2 thoughts on “Elsewhere: Speaking of Jansenism

  1. Thanks for publishing that exchange. Surely both were wrong.

    When I was young toi, Pascal convinced me. But the true errors I had never gleaned. Only recently did I discover what Jansenism really is. It touches on Justification and God’s Mercy and Justice. Very tricky stuff.

    Fr. Almire Pichon SJ showed me the heresies and it flourishes among trads and mainstream everywhere.
    It’s soul death. He also refutes it and gives its amazing cure in the best exposition of the Sacred Heart devotion/doctrine, perhaps in print. He was spiritual director to the whole Martin family and gave the hidden foundation if the Little Flower. I can’t too highly recommend “Seeds of the Kingdom”, cures for many spiritual errors and diet for every path.

    God bless


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