Anglo-Catholics and the Occult: My Church Times Debut

The Abbey in the Oakwood, by Caspar David Friedrich.

The Church Times have just published an article in which I summarize some of my research on the connection of Anglo-Catholics and the occult world. I’d like to thank my supervisor, Dr. Sarah Apetrei, and co-supervisor, the Rev. Canon Robin Ward, for their support throughout all of this. I’d also like to thank Fr. James Lawson for the early help he provided as well as Dr. Michael Yelton and those various other figures who have discussed the matter with me over the past year, often in words of encouragement. Hopefully the full paper will be published someday. For now, read here


One thought on “Anglo-Catholics and the Occult: My Church Times Debut

  1. Splendid! Yes I do hope the full paper becomes available, and perhaps a book? There is a parallel field amongst French Catholics of the late 19th century, also a field of exploration.

    One wonders if dabbling in the Occult, as you pointed out being a defence of the supernatural, had an appeal as it afforded a ‘scientific’ or at least an almost empirical approach to the supernatural? I am thinking specifically of such things as exorcisms and poltergeists.


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